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Crawfish Trap

Folding crawfish trap (creel,pot), mean less cost with more quantity of catching

There are two slot entrances on every crawfish trap (creel,pot), two nylon sturdy secure hold-open clamps (can change to stainless steel) and simple bait netting bag.

Use 4 to 5 mm steel, galvanized and dip-coat plastic on surface, ensure the crawfish trap (creel,pot) can be used in different territorial waters, use green or black PE nettin for coat, around by PP monofilament rope, or around by PP film rope to protect netting.

Assemble and install by skill workers.Accept extra parts, and changing size of frame, or make the crawfish trap (creel,pot) based on your design.

Commercial Crawfish Trap Product List:

Crawfish Trap 1

Crawfish Trap 2


They are working…

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