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Crab Trap & Pot

As a professional Chinese manufacturer of Crab Trap & Pot, we supply our products to more countries for commercial fishing and leisure fishing. Our Crab Trap & Pot be sold to French \ Italy \ Portugal \ Spain in South Europe, Ireland \ England \ Scotland \ Wales in Western Europe, Denmark \ Finland \ Norway \ Sweden in North Europe, Australia \ New Zealand in Oceania, Canada \ USA in North America.

In different regions different users require special configuration, buyer’s preference or design can be implemented accurately, to match with local product standard for each subdivision market. And also we can develop any type of Crab Trap & Pot based on buyer’s idea, if you do not find the one you desired here, please contact us for a custom quote.

Most types of Crab Trap & Pot be collapsible, this way can help buyer save money on sea freight; the Crab Trap & Pot can be compressed or open, so one container can load more pieces Crab Trap & Pot; when the container arrive at destination, users easy to install Crab Trap & Pot in very short time. On the boat all Crab Trap & Pot be linked by rope together, release them when the boat is moving, all Crab Trap & Pot will be placed on the bottom of the sea by themselves; when finished fishing, just start the winch, all Crab Trap & Pot will be pull back by rope, save labor force and time so much.

In some countries, Crab Trap & Pot is called Crab Creel, this is only the difference on name, they are the same product.

Crab Trap & Pot 1


Crab Trap & Pot 2


Crab Trap & Pot 3



Crab Trap & Pot 4