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Finished 3000pcs of traps and loading for our Swedish partner in Tianjin China. This year is the third year work with them, in previous 3 years we help them design, manufacture and supply to them more than 10 types of traps, include Fish Trap \ Lobster Trap \ Crab Trap.

Low cost, environmental protection, excellent design and strives for perfection, this is the reason why our partners give favorable comment to us. We will continue work with our partners by this way, supply good craft and quality to support the business.

We supply more types of traps to potential buyers, Crab Trap \ Crawfish Trap \ Fish Trap \ Keep Creel \ Lantern Nets \ Lobster Trap \ Octopus Creel \ Parlour Creel \ Prawn Creel \ Shrimp Trap, design and manufacture both. We make rope \ netting \ frame \ all parts and assembly of finished products by ourselves, all process of manufacture in our factory.