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GuangJin Group is the biggest professional manufacturer of Trap (Pot) (Creel) in China.

Production Division

TianJin LiYangXing Netting Co., Ltd., area is 9000 SQ meter, more than 200 workers.

Trade Division

TianJin LiYangDa International Trade Co., Ltd., provide excellent service for customers.


Trap (Pot) (Creel)

Fishing Gear (Fishing Tackle)

Fishing Net

Sports Net


French \ Italy \ Portugal \ Spain in South Europe

Ireland \ England \ Scotland \ Wales in Western Europe

Denmark \ Finland \ Norway \ Sweden in North Europe

Australia \ New Zealand in Oceania

Canada \ USA in North America


GuangJin Group grow more years, from a small factory become to a group company, the following is our experience:

1995 TianJin GuangJin Fishery Product Industry And Trade Co. Ltd. was started by Mr. Sui. He ran the business in a simple and crude store in Tianjin China. Manufacture and sell professional fishery equipment to Asia market.

1998 as the Asian Financial Crisis, the business have to return to domestic trade, established strong channel of distribution in China in following years.

2002 company begin sell goods to USA and Europe, the business grew substantially during 2002 to 2006.

2006 company buy industrial land in and changed its name to GuangJin Group, to more properly reflect the variety of additional products being offered, hold one professional factory and one professional international trade company.

In the past, we get more help and good business from our kind buyers, we will redound upon our sincerity and appreciation to them always, best quality and service will be our top mission for ever.

Today, GuangJin Group continues to provide customers with a single reliable source of a variety of quality products, bringing to market exciting and innovative new product lines to complement our existing ones.