01 : The sea! 02 : Pull rope 03 : How many? 04 : 13pc crab in one trap! 05 : Frank so happy… 06 : Female is lucky, will be throw back to sea 07 : Male and enough big, will be stay 08 : Say goodbay to others, 13pcs and hold 3pcs, it […]


Lobster Season Start!

Customer feedback on the lobster trap!

In Norway starts to get very cold now, yesterday I take my 8 creels out of water and I catch 16 lobsters! Very good!


Finished 3000pcs of traps and loading for our Swedish partner in Tianjin China. This year is the third year work with them, in previous 3 years we help them design, manufacture and supply to them more than 10 types of traps, include Fish Trap \ Lobster Trap \ Crab Trap.